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Where there is a cupboard there is a way.

Ever feel like the “accumulation of stuff” should be some proven scientific theory?

Mass stuff cannnot be created or destroyed, only transferred from one space to another.

Sounds pretty darn accurate and all too familiar. So you’re a sitting duck, so to speak, with masses of items filling up your precious breathing space. Brainstorm a mini scenario with us.

You decided to be proactive and do some early Christmas or birthday shopping. You’re feeling like the accomplished adult that you are. All is well but before you know it, the conundrum of where to place said gifts is staring you right in the eye, consuming your brain capacity.

Fresh Timber has a solution for you. Let’s talk cupboard storage that will suit you and your current living space.

We have installed a few cupboards for clients using Melamine because these seamless cupboards are versatile and durable. They are helpful to declutter and keep a room neat and tidy, all while storing your goods in one central space.

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 Wood: Melamine throughout

Features: 2,5 cupboard space, three drawers and shelf space. There is space inside to hang belts, ties and scarves. Furthermore, there are hydraulic dampers on the hinges so the doors close without banging shut (perfect for those light sleepers among us).


The Harris’ wanted to make the most of their garage area. Hence they called upon us in order to install cupboards all along the back wall, maximizing space to park vehicles and move around inside.

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 Wood: Melamine throughout

Features:  5 cupboard space and shelf space as well as lock installation on each set of cupboards

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