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A few months back we were commissioned to build a ROUND bookshelf.  Being immediately intrigued by this unusual request, we couldn’t say no to the challenge.

As a result , our social media pages were ablaze with puns about circles and timelapse videos to keep you in the loop as we progressed

…this is a taster in case you missed the posts…

We termed this custom piece the “hobbit hole” throughout the manufacturing process because it literally looked like a door you could step through from “The Lord of the Rings” movies, for instance. (It is a pity we didn’t actually find ourselves in Hobbiton on the other side when we did so). Although, the books on your shelf are said to transport you to new worlds anyway. We think we got it close enough.

Our client waited 4 years to find someone who could bring the idea in his head to tangibility. We are so pleased to have the privilege of playing a role in achieving this goal.



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Wood: Poplar wood with a walnut stain and Danish oil finish.

Features: it’s ROUND with 5 flat shelves, allowing for a range of books and small decorations

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