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outdoor bench


One of our creative clients called upon us to make this raw outdoor bench which we aptly termed “The Mighty Jumbo bench” due to its size and sheer WEIGHT!
This big boy is made from Pine beams and mild steel for the legs, offering a robust investment into your furniture needs.
From here, the client took this piece and added their own creative flair to complement their final vision and aesthetic.
**In addition to adding to your furniture investments, this one could be considered an investment into your health too. Lift it, move it, repeat and your gym or crossfit routine is complete for the day!  (ok, it’s a stretch BUT we do think you will love this one in more ways than one).

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Wood: Raw laminated pine beams

Features: Wide mild steel legs


Benches are also great space savers at a dining room table or outdoor table setting where space may be limited. They are easy to pull out for entertaining purposes and easy to store under tables when not in use.

How do you fancy this set to pull out at the next braai at your place?

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Wood: Saligna

Features: Slatted bench and table top

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