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Bed base storage options

“Out of sight, out of mind” they always say and this is where storage within a bed base comes in.

A first time client brought this bedroom storage beaut out from hiding in our early days of making and assembling. She loved the idea of space-saving hacks (don’t we all) and thus couldn’t resist asking us to bring it to life.

Our bed bases have since evolved and allowed for the freedom of variety – whether you want open boxes to showcase books and shoes or cupboards and drawers for the introvert in you.

With this idea, you can create usable space out of a redundant space. We create each bed base with space around the sides and even below the mattress so you can store items you may only need when a new season rolls around

(we’re thinking suitcases, winter clothes, linen, a pet dragon and so on).

Perhaps keeping a note jotted down of what you have stored in the “down under” is a good idea, so as to not have it completely out of mind when you’re on the hunt for where you last placed your car keys.


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Wood: White Melamine

Features: 12 boxes all around the sides and large space in the middle under mattress

Bed Size: Double bed


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Wood: Pine & plywood with homemade Danish oil finish

Features: 4 large drawers and smaller space in the middle under the mattress

Bed Size: Queen bed


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Wood: Pine with homemade Danish oil finish

Features: 12 small cupboards all around the bottom with doors and space in the middle under the mattress

Bed Size: Queen bed


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Wood: Scotts Pine wooden frame, sprayed white with Grey Glacier MDF accents

Features: Headboard with 4 medium sized drawers around the bottom of the base to store away items out of sight

Bed Size: Queen bed

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