Tree Trinket Bowl

Nature and Christmas lovers, rejoice! Our Tree Trinket bowl has just sprouted in order to hold your special little trinkets.


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Tree Trinket Bowl Specifications:

Our Tree trinket bowl is hand made by the Fresh Timber Team. Great care and attention goes into every curve and turn as we shape the wood. Thereafter, we finish the trinket bowl with a homemade Danish oil. 

We originally designed this bowl for our love of nature first and foremost. This can also be the perfect gift over the Christmas season or if you’re feeling like you need a little self-love spoil.  This bowl is cousin to our Africa trinket bowl and our Heart Trinket bowl

Please bear in mind that we are open to using different woods for such projects. We would love to hear from you if you fancy another kind of vibe. We have currently made use of Red Ironbark and Kiaat wood. 


We like to use this bowl to hold a variety of small trinkets that are close to your heart or easily misplaced – whether it is jewellery, money, memory sticks or even keys. We have even seen the sneaky choccie or two end up in these little cuties. Now you will never have to feel that sudden fit of panic when you can’t find those small treasures. Ready, set, store those treasures!

*Due to the nature of our products and their handmade quality, please note that each item will have its own unique character and quality. This may differ slightly from the images displayed.

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Dimensions 15 × 9.7 × 1.8 cm