Fresh Tonic Alcohol Disinfectant

Introducing Fresh Tonic Alcohol Disinfectant. Keeping you fresh & germ-free with all the power of 70% alcohol. Getting you back to your everyday life!



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Fresh Tonic Alcohol Disinfectant 250ml

There’s only one way to rid yourself of the “nasties” build up while out and about your daily life. Introducing Fresh Tonic Alcohol Disinfectant. With all the power of 70% alcohol disinfectant combined with the natural defense and calming influence of Tea Tree oil.

This disinfectant which keeps you fresh and germ-free, has been manufactured by the professional skin and wax gurus at NakedCherry Waxing. Brought to you by the Fresh Timber Team.

The bottles have a locking lid mechanism when storing or on the move. The pump lid also makes it easier to dispense a small bit of sanitizer at a time. This is done by simply using your forearm every time you dispense. This ensures that you are not constantly touching the lid of the bottle with your hands covered in the above mentioned “nasties”.  You only need to use a small pump each time to get a generous amount out.

Please bear in mind that while the name evokes the thought of a tasteful Gin & tonic, this product is NOT safe for oral consumption.

Please also keep out of direct, prolonged exposure to light; this includes leaving it in your car while in the sun.

If you have only stumbled upon our latest product offering now and are in need of a non-medical material face mask, then look no further than our product page for one (or a few here).

Fresh Tonic Disinfectant Sanitizer

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