Please be sure to take into consideration the below maintenance and care instructions when taking care of your Fresh Timber items:

Each of your boards you purchase and use will need to be kept in tip top hygienic condition at all times. There are several ways to maintain wood, allowing a greater freedom of choice.

Wash with hot soapy water after each use and do not submerge or soak for long periods of time (yes, this means your board is not “dishwasher happy”). Wood is porous and will act like a sponge in watery situations. Allowing your board too much time in water will fill the wood’s pores and lead to cracking and warping as it dries. While washing, check that you do not use a highly abrasive item such as steel sponges. Using these will leave scratches on your board, disrupting the wood fibres.

After washing, ensure you place the board upright on any side. Leaving it to lie face down can cause cracks, rot and rapid discolouration of the wood. It is recommended to dry thoroughly once you have washed and rinsed your board.

On average, you should oil your board every few months with a food-safe oil with a long shelf life (such as linseed oil or a mineral based oil); otherwise oil when you see it is starting to go dry.

*Be sure to oil your board and wait for it to dry completely before continuing immediate use to avoid the oil going rancid if it is still wet.

*Keep in mind that you may need to give your board a light, even sand between oiling to return it to its original smooth glory. We all like a little DIY, don’t we?
As for the bigger furniture items, there are a few everyday habits to bear in mind. Use coasters/mats to protect the surfaces of your items and dry any moisture or spills as soon as possible.

Wood may expand and contract with variance in temperatures; try and keep constant humidity levels. Having your indoor furniture exposed to long periods of sunshine could contribute to these changes over time.

Do not drag furniture with legs across the floor, as they may crack.


Due to the nature of our products and their handmade quality, please take note that each item will have its own unique character and quality. Each may differ slightly from the images displayed; this is a natural characteristic and joy of wood.

Custom orders are unique and as such will vary with regards to their turnaround time. Please contact us with your specific request and we’ll be happy to help.